Jan 312015

Before the measles vaccine (Back when I was a kid and had measles I would have loved a vaccine, I was deathly sick for a couple of weeks) more than 2 million children died every year from measles. After the vaccine, measles was almost completely eliminated until the anti-vaccine fools started spreading their lies and falsified studies about the vaccine and now we are seeing a sharp increase in measles infections.

Measles is very infectious. It can cause numerous life-altering side-effects even if it doesn’t kill you.

In my life-time we’d eliminated smallpox and nearly eliminated both polio and measles, but the jackasses like Jenny McCarthy are doing their best to bring those diseases back, and sadly they are getting the cooperation of some (stupid) doctors.

As far as I am concerned, withholding vaccines from your child is child-abuse and having a child die of a disease they should have been vaccinated against should be child abuse resulting in death.

Withholding vaccines is inexcusable. Period.

As someone I follow on twitter said:

Vaccinate your kids

“But I believe th-”

Fuck you. Vaccinate your kids.

“Parents should have a cho-”

No. Fuck you. Vaccinate your kids.

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