Apr 292015

Joe Kissell has written several TCO books and has been a ling-time contributor to TidBITS. This second edition of his TCO of the Mac Command Line is an excellent starter for anyone who is unfamiliar or uncomfortable with using the command-line.

By the last 40 pages or so, Joe gets into the basics of shell scripting and loops and even covers, briefly, MacPorts, HomeBrew, Fink, and other package managers. If your unsure about using the command-line, this is a great book to get your started and will show you all sorts of useful tricks that should make you a convert to the usefulness of a shell interface.

The only thing that I found lacking is in the section on copying files vi sftp and scp Joe didn’t mention using rsync (which is my preferred file transfer tool) over ssh.

grep string /path/to/file | awk -F: '{print $3}' | sed 's/text1/text2/'

If that line makes sense to you, this is probably not the ebook for you, unless you are new to OS X specifically.

Oh, and I did learn something froths book, right there at the bottom of page 150 is the following:

 /System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/Apple80211.framework/Versions/A/Resources/airport -s

And yeah, that’s pretty cool.

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Apr 222015

Recently I wrote about an event that happened when I was in college, and if you haven’t read it before, you need to read it now.

That time I was away at college and cheated on my girlfriend

Done? OK, good.

So, that story is 100% true and exactly as I remember it and by 100% true I mean, of course, it is how I remember it which may or may not be true at all. But, regardless, it is as true as I can make it and at least some of it is confirmed by third parties. There was a party. But, even if we take as given that my account of the story is entirely 100% as I remember it, that does not mean that Dani, if she were reading this, would think it was true. From her perspective, it could be an entirely different story.

So, Imagine for a moment or two that I am Dani. I know, it’s hard, I’m a bit taller and my hair is not red, but give it a shot. It’s 1980-mumblesomething and we fade in on a college dorm room.

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