Jul 052015

While on a long vacation I missed, mostly, a huge week in USA news. It started with what appears to be a final and complete repudiation of the racist and hateful confederate flag. Sadly, nine people had to die to cause this, but it really does look like the confederate flag will no longer be accepted as anything by a symbol of hatred and intolerance (as most rational people have known it to be since its revival about 60 years ago).

But, as it turns out, that was only the first event of the week that proved to have a remarkable ability to top itself several times.

Next up, the Supreme Court upheld the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare), hopefully finally putting a nail through the heart of the rethuglican’s absurd efforts to repeal it (over 60 times so far). The USA now has the lowest uninsured rate in its history. This is fantastic news, but we’re not done yet as we still trail most the nations of the world (not just the “Western” nations).

Last Friday the Supreme Court handed down another decision abolishing all state laws against same sex marriage and legalizing those marriages in all 50 states. The reaction across the country was interesting. Buildings from The White House to the Arkansas Capitol were decked out in rainbow lights Friday night. Yes, Arkansas. Twitter was aflame with rainbow avatars and Facebook wa aflame with the hatred and indignation of the worst people in our country, wielding their religion like a machete. Yeah, I hate Facebook.The week that was

We were at the tail end of a 3 ½ week trip and heading toward San Francisco on Friday. We’d had trouble booking hotels because we’d accidentally planned to be there during Pride 2015 weekend.

Before Friday we’d agreed the last thing we wanted to do was deal with the massive crowds in downtown San Francisco, but in light of events it really seemed like we had to go. And go we did.

I don’t have the sense of relief, overwhelming joy, or acceptance about this decision as someone who is more directly affected by it; I’m not going to be getting gay-married. However, I do feel a sense of relief that finally we are done with this issue and the homophobes pretending they have religious convictions forcing them into hatred and intolerance can finally shut the fuck up and I am joyful that more citizens of our nation have the rights the rest of us have always taken for granted.

It was a good week.

And in the middle of Friday’s news, President Obama, during his eulogy for South Carolina State Senator (and Reverend) Clementa Pinckney  did this:

Speechless. I am completely speechless.

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